author’s note:

I think we’re all scientists.


I once heard a scientist on TV say: 

whatever we broadcast
drifts in waves from this planet
then travels through the Universe.

Since receiving that information
I’ve worked hard
to raise my best from the depths

even though my resolve
causes so much stressful strain.

Through experimentation, I’ve learned:
no way to avoid that pain 
without repressing my higher impulse

and I wouldn’t want 
to create waves that might wound
sensitive innocent aliens.

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© 2023, Michael R. Patton
author’s note:

Can I get a witness!


The old ones told us children: 

gods lived on the mountain outside town
but we couldn’t see them
because the clouds shrouding the peak 
hid them from sight.

Yet despite the distance
we could sense their presence--  
if we really tried
the old ones told us. 

But though I made the effort
I could not feel 
any higher spirits lurking  
behind the clouds
of my paltry mundane life.

Finally, one morning 
I decided I must defy the taboo
and set out to climb that mountain--
hoping to find those gods 
and receive a blessing
that would fill my empty heart.

But far from the top
I got lost in the wet fog—
rasping for air
I sat down in defeat.

Only then did I notice the wildflowers—
softly small
yet they thrived
in that gray rock.
In that bone-chill.
I witnessed their strong spirit—

and when we see spirit
don’t we then see god?

when I feel the need 
for the healing blessing of beauty
I’ll often steal away to visit 
those gods of many colors
that ignite the mountainside.

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author’s note:

There were giants in the earth in those days… 
                     -- Genesis 6:4


Yes, there were giants
in the land in those days--

like suns they shone

but small people felt threatened 
and swarmed to attack them.

Worried for their survival 
the titans then shrank themselves down
to an acceptable height--
they hid their light

and over time, forgot 
their true size.

they’ve maintained their higher perspective
to this very day.

So they’re wise enough to know  
they don’t know everything--
you won’t see them adopting titles
such as "guru" or "master".

But like anyone who stays low 
they may occasionally feel low
yet even then, they reject the low impulse
to pump themselves up in public.

I respect that, however 
their anonymity needs to end soon. 

Consider the lonely streetlamp:

few notice that plain pole
in the glare and rush of the day.
But when twilight 
deepens into night  
we seek its illumination.

I believe
as our world grows darker
we’ll look for untapped sources of light

then our giants will realize 
for the survival of all
they must stand and shine bright

even as swarms
attack from the shadows.

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© 2023, Michael R. Patton
author’s note:

The eyes are the window to your soul.
	-- William Shakespeare


A group of scientists has shown:
our bodies both smolder and glow.

they made clear:
their tests merely measured the effects 
of chemical reactions occurring within the subjects.

So are we nothing more
than combustion machines?
I like to think I’m also spirit.

No, I can’t say for certain  
that the cars we are have soul.
When I looked into your eyes
hoping they might actually be a window
what I found only confirmed the findings 
of those scientists:

you do indeed possess fire and light.

In that moment, as I gazed 
electrodes could probably have detected 
my physical response

but what I felt was immeasurable. 

So who can honestly say
I lack spirit.

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© 2023, Michael R. Patton


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