explosion round - October 6, 2013s

author’s note:

This poem will be included in a collection with the working title Common Courage.

I may change the title to Glorious Tedious Transformation, volume II

…because today, I realized the obvious: either appellation would be accurate.  Transformation requires courage.  And to act with courage brings transformation.


In the dream, I know I must step
on a round green stone in the road—

the stone will explode
and I’ll be blasted open
in a mad wrathful rush

but without becoming unconscious:
to fully appreciate hell I will remain aware.

But we all have places we must go:

when you saw that sledgehammer
you knew in an instant the merciless tool
would own you for the next thirty years

though you didn’t dare tell yourself until later
what you understood too clearly at the time.

Or maybe you happened upon
someone siphoning blood
from an irrigation ditch
and immediately realized
you would open your veins to him.

And what can you say when people ask “why?”—

my reasonable excuses feel like lies
when I know well the real truth:

we stepped on that bomb
we picked up that sledgehammer
we emptied our veins
because we are indestructible

and so,
we know we can endure
all we must do
to work our way down
to that part of ourselves
that can not be destroyed…

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
Glorious Tedious Transformation, v. I