buffalo finches - August 3, 2014s

author’s note:

I return to a familiar theme…

Maybe I’m repeating myself…

I prefer to think of it as “developing a motif”.


Please pardon my absence—

I’d like to squawk along
with all you other birds:

such noise can actually be medicinal

but for a stronger healing
I must walk alone to the mountain lake:

this alien lake, these alien trees
seem to know me—

they know I don’t need pity:
what I need is their understanding…

their wise silence prompts me to listen

but only for so long:

reawakened by the blare
of this alive quiet
my engine begins to rev

so I know I must return
to the grating joyful cacophony
of forces in opposition

that, in truth, only echo
what bangs and clangs inside me.

So, no matter if I’m here
or there, I can hear myself

though still not as clearly as I wish…

© 2014, Michael R. Patton