goddess treatment border - November 19, 2014s

author’s note:

Many have speculated on the existence of a goddess religion in ancient times…

I now have my doubts.  Even so, I know the goddess is real.


I lost Sophie so long ago
I can’t remember when—

now she seems so foreign

though I see her everywhere:

in the glowing pearl earring
found suddenly in a dark theater

in an elegant hand print on
a frosted window
highlighted by The Moon

in a burning sunrise cloud

in the reflection of that cloud
on the gently burning sea…

so much of life says “Sophie” to me—

including the way
the peasant woman kneels
at the creek as she scrubs
yesterday’s clothes
—her long black hair
   flowing down to the ripples—

I stand there, smiling whitely
with my hands behind my back
acting casual as I remark
on today’s weather

while to myself I chant
this sacred thought:
“Sophie Sophie Sophie”.

But as she lifts her inquiring eyes
I’m startled awake
and ask myself,
  what could she possibly see in me?”

© 2014, Michael R. Patton
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