sheepskin peace 412h - April 29, 2015s

author’s note:

During the Vietnam “conflict”, Johnny Cash referred to himself as “a dove with claws”.

I like that idea.


After seeing so much conflict
I turned my eyes within

and again found conflict.

I then realized
the origins of war.

I then realized
a blessed possibility:

if I could end my own war
maybe I could then help others
end theirs.

But now
after years of fighting
I know I’ll never win
the final battle…

there will always be
one more…one more…

one more…

but I can honestly say
I’ve earned a degree of peace—

not enough for me to advise anyone else
but enough for me to empathize with all.

Not enough for me to stand up yet

but it’s good to sit
with my brothers and sisters
to listen and learn
what they’ve learned
from the struggles
of our education:

through these stories
I find catharsis

as I recognize
and grieve for
the many deaths
of my own long war.

© 2015, Michael R. Patton
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