purr-fect - May 10, 2015s

author’s note:

Dedicated to the memory of Freddie the cat—who taught me so much.


I hoped
by following a housecat
I would eventually arrive at
the center of my own

Consider those paws–
so sensitive yet so tough–
so connected
to the spinal column:

it’s a finer intelligence.

But though I learned from my cat
its innate feline wisdom remained
beautifully foreign to me.

The cat,
understanding my plight
looked up into my eyes
as if to say:
“What I have
  you have—
  myself in yourself.”

I do try to
but only in rare unexpected moments
do my feet fall into place—
into the fine beam balance
of a cat walk.

Such blessed accidents
always stir me—pain me—
to want more—more!

but without leaving a clue
as to how I might return.

In my walk more typical
I muddle through the mud—
I bumble and stumble
with staggering feet.

But though I spin chaotic
I keep this gyro going—
my entangled legs create
their own crazy tango:

the drunken clown
I saw in the circus
said we may wobble
yet still display elegance.

The clown asked me,
“What is perfection?”

© 2015, Michael R. Patton
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