river gully words - May 17, 2015s

author’s note:

When I first heard “go with the flow“, I believed the flow to be out there.

It is out there.  But now I know it’s also in here.


I sat down at the solitary river
to meditate upon this question:

—what are we?—

My mind wanted to struggle
so only after much time
and confusion
did I realize the obvious:

we are the water of many rivers.

Consider the evidence:

as with the waters of a river
sometimes we must switchback
in order to go forward.

We carve new channels, as needed:

we’re constantly changing—
we can’t help but change:

even when we appear stationary
there are undercurrents;
even in our stagnant pools, we brew.

I’ve finally learned
if I try to contain myself
I will overflow!

I’ve finally learned
I can’t fight the current and win…

still, it’s hard not to argue

when I’m headed towards the rapids

or when I must slow…down to a crawl.

But I assure myself with this knowledge:

water, instinctively, finds it own level,
water, instinctively, finds its way home…

© 2015, Michael R. Patton
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