ride the dragon 269w - May 31, 2015s

author’s note:

Some days I’m dragon…and some days I’m draggin’.


After reading those childhood storybooks
I decided I should be a hero—

I wanted the best for myself.

But where were the dragons?
Where were the fair maidens?

How might I realize my high ambition?

In many of those stories
the great situation arrives

the quest suddenly trumpets…

with that in mind,
I would hope and wait

and fill the time by doing
whatever chores needed to be done:

I planted seeds, I pulled weeds
I stirred a wild stew

(my ingredients included
old shoes
and a bullfrog’s blues)

I cleaned rotten leaves from gutter pipes

and harder yet: I dug up stumps.

I did so much
but no matter how much,
never enough:

I fished a lake for sustenance
I carried jars of water from the well

and sometimes felt discouraged:
should a dragon-slayer be doing
such low household work?

I could feel the strength
slowly growing in my hands

and what is a hero if not strong?

I asked myself:
am I not making peace with a dragon
as I sit here alone—

I’m rescuing myself
—not with grand flourishes
but in gradual steps—

and perhaps in the process
also helping the rest of the world

and what is a hero if not helpful?

So though I still wait
for the great situation
I now work joyfully

by this never-ending quest.

© 2015, Michael R. Patton
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