dog shower 365h - December 3, 2015s

author’s note:

The destruction that brings
an eagle from heaven is better
than mercy.
        — Robinson Jeffers


As I stand at the edge of the tunnel…

the dog begins to growl
!—sensing the danger—!

Yes, I’ve often relied
on the dog for my survival
but now I know I must accept
my greater desire:

to pass through the darkness

according to the wise ones
on the other side I can find
that place known to me
only on rare occasions
in the strange depths
of my heart—

a garden we must earn:

once I’ve arrived
a golden beam will angle down
through the shadows of trees
to ignite

a dark blue pool—an oasis

that’s waited so long
to reveal its fiery light.

The dog is wise in its way
but can not understand
such a brilliant need.

So, I refuse its guidance
and enter the tunnel naked:

my walk both bold and humble

as the faithful dog
(fearing for my safety)
follows in the righteous mud…

© 2015, Michael R. Patton

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