water drops - December 30, 2015s

author’s note:

Best wishes for 2016.


Lao Tzu said
the Ancient Sages
were as evanescent
as icicles


according to my dictionary
that which is “evanescent” is like a vapor—
here and gone in just a short time:

for example…
in the cold night
my evanescent breath
twirls upwards in a wisp
to vanish like a ghost
—like a dream lost—

like the vapor from an icicle—

an icicle slowly dwindling in the Sun
drop…by drop…by drop…by drop

a blessed sacrifice: a gift—
though the Sages have faded into the darkness
their water still lives in our well.

But are we not all icicles
large or small?—

as this life of mine melts
maybe I can make peace with the loss
by telling myself
what I believe to be
a good belief:

long after I’m gone
what I have given (whatever that is)
will still be a part of whatever we are…

I am as you are:
evanescent…yet continuous.

© 2015, Michael R. Patton

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