ghost house final - March 27, 2016s

author’s note:

What a strange zoo we are.


Though being invisible is painful
I see no real reason to complain:

who among us has ever been

I would rather be
unnoticed or ignored
than gawked at
by someone in blinders
who states with confidence:
“I know who he is”

and I’d feel even more
if a distant hundred million
watched and thought
they understood me
better than I understood myself.

A hundred million might see you
a hundred million different ways
and though many of their ways
would indeed be valid…

the sum of those viewpoints
wouldn’t add up
to the whole of your parts.

I respect the other person
enough to say:
“little by little, I know you better
 but the more I see
 the more I realize
 I’ll never ever know
 half of who you are.”

When someone closes himself
so that he can comfortably think
he knows me
my first impulse
is to open his eyes
by showing him something
from the depths of my dark well

but in the process
I might also scare myself

because from experience
(often, painful)
I’ve learned:

even I don’t know
half of what I am.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
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