globe electrons 293w - April 17, 2016s

author’s note:

I believe we’re all scientists.  From the beginning, we’re all experimenting.


Science tells us
nothing is ever completely at rest—

even when my body becomes a carcass
its trillions of vibrant electrons will still spin

but what about what animated that carcass?—
will the “me” that made this poem continue?

To answer that question
I’m free to go beyond science
and believe whatever I please

yet I base my belief, in part
on acute meditative observation:

even as my limbs
slowly lose momentum
something within gains strength—

an inner spinning force
keeps on rising—refining its pitch.

No—I can’t accept waste:
after death
the am that I am
will still be spinning.
in some form
I’ll be spinning.

Some will surely say
I hold to this belief
in a futile attempt
to alleviate my fear

but even if that’s true
this concept can still lift me
to a place of starry wonder:

we are perpetual motion
—spinning tops—
that continue to rise
after this human life stops.

Though stars collapse
and planets disintegrate
this Universe and its beings
will keep on spinning…

constantly building, I believe
into something greater
than what we have been…

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
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