arrow spin b - May 15, 2016s

author’s note:

A companion poem to the last one posted.


One morning on
a two-lane highway
my car suddenly spun
over black ice

and when the backend
had whipped to a stop
I faced the place
I’d just abandoned.

In that abrupt moment of stillness
I finally felt the echoing shout
of a deeper knowing—the alarm
I’d tried so hard to ignore.

What I did then is what
I knew I had to do—
yes, I returned.

Though I’ve learned to listen
to intuition
when the message
goes against my wishes
I may still allow my stubborn will
to drive—to drive me

until I go into a spin, another spin

then I’m willing to listen again

to something greater within—something
that will spin me until I change direction—

until I do what must be done

as for why I must do what I must
I usually can’t see

maybe even afterwards.
Maybe even long afterwards.

As for this return
I can only say for certain…

while in the box
I willfully seized
the opportunity
to lower down deeper
into my depths.

I believe I’ve received
high compensation
for this work in the mine

and yet…and yet
at times
doubt haunts my head:

did I return, in truth, because
I was afraid to go on…?

but no
though afraid
I was more afraid
of what my intuition said.

To listen to intuition
is listen to the heart

and if I obey
what my heart tells me
I’ll always act with courage

when spinning in the dark.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
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