author’s note:

During this year’s World Series, catcher David Ross offered this excellent advice to a nervous teammate:

“Just continue to breathe.”


After years
of being pushed and pulled
into various precarious situations
by some unknown unseen force
I’d nearly lost hope…

in an effort to save myself
I began to reconsider
the results:

maybe I kept
falling into the mud
in the process of cleaning off
all that slop
I remove so much other
accumulated dirt and dust
—every bath: an education.

maybe I kept letting
that gale wind catch me
because I need to learn
how to bend—

I now see
that unseen force
as an unknown aspect within
that only wants the best for me.

I’m not saying I’m free
of confusion
however, this truth seems obvious:
we’re trying—trying
to educate ourselves…

but to be honest
after so many
harrowing lessons
I’ve become a bit skittish—

though I try to reason with it
my fear keeps screaming at me—
and like the shadow of child
it won’t be left behind

so now I’m teaching myself
how to walk with this dread…
this doubt…
this nervousness…

every step
another wonderful test.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
picturing metaphor blog