author’s note:

“Drink me.”
      — from Alice in Wonderland


Some say
the medieval science
of alchemy
can be a useful metaphor

but I say:
a better metaphor
for human transformation
might be wine-making—

the process
is not only less complex
but also open to all

because who among us
has not been crushed?

and after the stomping
we need to be encouraged
to go into the dark—
the metaphor would help us accept
the time and restriction necessary
for our potent potion
to develop.

Then later
when I resist the next step
the metaphor would show me
the reason for opening.

Yes, I’m still fascinated
by the possibilities of alchemy
however, I know
the design of my life
might limit me
to a less lofty goal…

life may limit me
but I won’t limit my life—
I won’t limit my flow
—I’ll pour

myself out—
all I’ve got to give now

followed by more tomorrow…

this winemaker
will never rest…

© 2017, Michael R. Patton
myth steps blog