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author’s note:

“Walking on water wasn’t built in a day.”
                  — Jack Kerouac


When I realized
what mental blocks
held me in check
I thought
(or hoped)
I could just jump over
those impediments

but though I was often able to elevate
I’d always land back in captivity

finally I conceded:
one must wear down such resistances
the way water wears down rock.

Now, many years later
I’m still working to rid myself
of various barriers
through the tedious process
of erosion

even though I’ve come to see:
no matter how much I scrub
I’ll never be completely free

but the more freedom I earn
the more I want
so though I may pause
I’ll never stop washing

and besides

life constantly pours water
down our back
so why not use it
to optimal effect?

A child will whine about a bath
yet jump into a bubbling fountain
and dance

so whenever I’m doused
nearly to drowning
I tell myself:
think of the fountain of your life
and dance

dance and scrub and dance.

myth steps blog
© 2017, Michael R. Patton


author’s note:

Awareness is key.  Maybe I should say “the key”.


Have you ever heard
an angel weep
as it pulls your hair?

These empathetic
yet merciless attendants
have promised me
they’ll stop being
such demons

if I will only catch myself
when I begin to slip

but oh!—
in a blink, I can slip
and I blink so often.

I swear I’m trying
to keep my eyes open:

I weep and curse
as they pull me up
by the hair.

dream steps blog
© 2017, Michael R. Patton

author’s note:

“The worms crawl in…the worms crawl out.”
               — from The Hearse Song


I’ve seen so much shape-shifting:

I’ve seen lions
accept the lie told to them
and crawl under stones
to survive as worms.

But fortunately
a big cat can benefit
from living subterranean

if as a worm
it feeds upon
the rich life to be found
within the black loam.

But as that worm-cat expands
its safe space will become suffocating…

for our lion to rise
we must die the good death—
we must shift once again.

when I look back
on my life as a worm
a sigh of melancholy
may slip from my lips…

but no—
I’ll reject all regrets

because by then
I’ll finally fully accept
I had to lose
in order to grow.

© 2017, Michael R. Patton
myth steps: a blog

author’s note:

Happy Halloween!


Voices from unseen revelers echo
down this shadowy street—

the words unclear—distorted:

sounds from alien beings.

Now I don’t feel so safe
on this porch

but that’s alright—
I don’t want to feel safe tonight.

The echoes drum my wall.

The echoes thrill my belly.

Those aliens have invaded me!

But that’s alright—
I don’t want to feel safe tonight.

The echoes linger long within

then suddenly…nothing
—not a sound inside or out.

Now I see the perfect world again—
I’m as deep and as dark and as bright
as that witching-hour sky.

If everyone is alien
then so am I

and that’s alright:
I want to be an alien tonight.

© 2017, Michael R. Patton
myth steps blog

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