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author’s note:

He’s so fine
Do-lang do-lang do-lang
       — “He’s So Fine”, lyric by Ronald Mack


Now I can accept
the feeling of being lost
as I walk this land–
now I can accept
the feeling
of shouldering a burden

because I have accepted
these beliefs:

my steps, though confused, have a purpose—
a hidden path, a plan:

just look how strong I’ve grown

with the weight of this unseen stone
on my back—
a stone incessantly turning.

the stone grinds me down
as it turns
but as I lose
so much of what I was
the finer me
I’m meant to be
is slowly unveiled

plus I leave a trail—

imagine a trail of corn meal
others may feed upon
and follow

if they feel lost
if they need sustenance
if they struggle
to accept this path
—this burden:

they can feed on me
just as I’ve fed on many
who’ve gone before me

they can feed on us
just as those who follow them
will feed on them—

like you, like me
they will leave
a trail of corn meal
as they find their way—

as they
grind down fine.

© 2017, Michael R. Patton
Searching for My Best Beliefs: a poetry book


author’s note:

The judges of the Miss Universe pageant would seem to be very presumptuous.


When I stop shielding myself
from the vastness of this Universe…

I again experience
the unsettling sensation
of being cut-loose—

as if my arms and legs
hang, dangling in space.

But even if I don’t yet
feel something solid
under my feet
I still find much meaning
in this life

because I keep being pulled
in directions I did not know
I wanted to go

and so,
I can no longer pretend
I’m not suspended
from a string—

a string as solid
and as stubborn
as a rope.

Yes, my revolutions
cause all to blur
but in my spinning dizziness, I see
more clearly
each day

as I work so hard to focus.

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
dreaming steps

looking backward to see - October 24, 2012s

author’s note:

If only the frog would say to me:

“You can remember, clearly, any event—and the associated emotion—you wish to remember.”


Sometimes late at night…

a little frog in a tree
whispers to me:
   I’ve come to answer your wish:
   you can erase anything
   you’d like to forget—!—

but what I’d wish is not
what I truly want:

I’d never will myself to forget
because then I’d have to give up
my keystone belief:

that every moment
has a purpose—

I’d have to give up
searching for the purpose
behind every event,
behind everything—!—

but how could I stop
my need to understand—?—

I’d have to give up my whole life.

© 2012, Michael R. Patton
searching for the new mythology

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