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author’s note:

He’s so fine
Do-lang do-lang do-lang
       — “He’s So Fine”, lyric by Ronald Mack


Now I can accept
the feeling of being lost
as I walk this land–
now I can accept
the feeling
of shouldering a burden

because I have accepted
these beliefs:

my steps, though confused, have a purpose—
a hidden path, a plan:

just look how strong I’ve grown

with the weight of this unseen stone
on my back—
a stone incessantly turning.

the stone grinds me down
as it turns
but as I lose
so much of what I was
the finer me
I’m meant to be
is slowly unveiled

plus I leave a trail—

imagine a trail of corn meal
others may feed upon
and follow

if they feel lost
if they need sustenance
if they struggle
to accept this path
—this burden:

they can feed on me
just as I’ve fed on many
who’ve gone before me

they can feed on us
just as those who follow them
will feed on them—

like you, like me
they will leave
a trail of corn meal
as they find their way—

as they
grind down fine.

© 2017, Michael R. Patton
Searching for My Best Beliefs: a poetry book


author’s note:

I’m driven…but as for what’s driving me…

…I can’t say.


Though my hands held firm grip
on the steering wheel…

when I looked down
I found no steering column


However, I decided to act
as if I was still driving
so as not to lose

But people still asked,
“Why didn’t you
  turn right?…Why didn’t you
  turn left?…Why did you
  back up?…Why did you
  pull off

  to the side of the road
  when you had
  a wide open lane
  straight ahead?”

I told them:
“That was me
  my choice”—yes
that’s what I told them
with all the confidence
I could fake.

But even if I had known
I don’t think I
would have

so as not to lose

by offering
what must be
some fantastic answers.

© 2009, Michael R. Patton
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